Amelie Lanier, The Hungarians outside (...)

The Saxons’ Land, or the Royal Domain (Fundus Regius)


The German settlers started to come in the 12th century. The Golden Bull (or Charter) from king András II. from 1224 mentions that the first of them came in the time of king Géza II., that is around 1150. They were invited, got exemption from serfdom and other duties towards the king, and (...)

The Szeklers’ Land


The Szeklers’ origin is disputed. The chronicle of a Byzantian emperor, – ’Purple-born Constantine’ –, suggests them as a people apart from the Hungarians, eventually descendants of the Khazars. As the son of Attila held court in the town of Székelyudvárhely (’Szekler’s courtplace’) some people have (...)


Erdély – Siebenbürgen – Ardeal

The name of Transylvania was first mentioned in the 11th century for a territory then under the Hungarian crown. This historical Transylvania started at the King’s Pass (Pasul Craiului), the most important pass leading there from the west, on the street between Nagyvárad (Oradea) and Kolozsvár (...)